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Community Outreach Program

Who Qualifies?

ü     Schools

ü     Community Projects

ü     Churches, Synagogues, and other religious organizations

ü     Athletic Teams

ü     Any Non-Profit Organization

How It Works

·       Your organization sells preprinted coupons at Full Retail Price ($25.00) that can be redeemed at anytime prior to expiration. These coupons will entitle the purchaser to 1 Baybreeze Wash ($25 value).  We collect half the face value of all wash coupons sold to cover our expenses (printing, chemicals, and labor) when you turn in the unsold portion of the wash coupons.  Your organization makes $12.50 per wash that you sell.  Your organization will have 30 days to sell all the car washes they can from the date of the signed contract.

·       You are working with a company that is well established and recognized as a leader in automobile care in the community.

·       The service that you are selling is environmentally friendly and uses high quality professional grade equipment. This eliminates waste water from polluting storm drains and water table.

·       All organizations receive support and training to make your fundraising a success.

Interested?  Here’s what to do next:

·      Call Hampton Auto Wash at (631) 728-5036 ask for Bruno Barros  about applying for our community outreach program.

·      Have the president of the organization submit letter requesting the fundraising on behalf of organization.

·      Distribute supplied coupons prior to the date of event.

Program Restrictions

·       Organizations are responsible for safe keeping of coupons and for any coupons not returned to Hampton Auto Wash upon completion of the promotion.

·       Coupons may NOT be distributed on the premises of Hampton Auto Wash.

·       Use of this program is restricted to one event per calendar year, unless otherwise approved by management.

·       Management reserves the right to deny any organization access to this program.


Senior Citizen Discount
(65 years & older)

Mon - Thurs

$3.00 off any wash package

Volunteer Discounts Available





  (631) 728-5036  

Community Outreach Program


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